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As we age, our housing needs change: accessibility and affordability become major issues. Nevertheless, most seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible, and in the communities where they have social ties. Unfortunately, problems with affordability, accessible home design, and supportive services often make this difficult.

A lack of resources can mean a premature move to assisted living or a long-term care facility. Most communities need to become more livable, to provide more varied housing to meet the needs of seniors of different income levels: home sharing options, apartments, and “downsized” homes, for example.  Such options keep neighborhoods stable and maintain the community tax base.

However, political and economic barriers must be overcome before it is possible to implement these options and others, such as property tax relief and financial assistance programs for seniors, home modification programs, and partnerships between service and housing providers. Most of all, increased public awareness and discussion of the issues are crucial if the housing needs of the growing senior population are to be met in the coming decades.

Housing Survey Report

The survey provides a list of subsidized housing for older adults with information about the availability of such housing in regards to waiting lists and other information. Download the Housing Survey Report.

Aging Needs in Larimer County


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