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Health Care

health-care-homepage.jpgFor a lot of older people, good, affordable health care is the number one priority. This is not surprising: age increases the risk of chronic and acute conditions, which can limit the ability for self-care and independence. Unfortunately, various barriers exist to good health care for the elderly. These range from a lack of transportation to doctor’s appointments and pharmacies, to inaccessible hospitals, to financial constraints – such as increasing health care costs, limits on Medicare payments to physicians, and managed care restrictions.

Communities can help, by offering transportation to and from health care facilities, health education, free or reduced-cost health screenings, and preventive care options. This approach requires a coordinated effort to include community volunteers who can step in to meet some key needs, such as providing transportation.

Learn and participate: Read articles, interviews, and blogs about health care issues affecting Larimer County seniors. Discuss health care needs, challenges, and concerns. Comment on the impact of aging upon health care.

Health Care
Health Care Needs in Larimer County
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