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What is an Age-Friendly Community?

According to AARP, Age-Friendly communities have several distinguishing characteristics:

  • Outdoor spaces and buildings: Safe, accessible, pleasant public areas.

  • Quality housing: A variety of options that are accessible, affordable, adaptable and close to

    services and the community.

  • Mobility: Multiple safe and accessible alternatives for getting from one place to another.

  • Social Participation: High levels of social engagement and activity; services, retail and green spaces within walking distance of housing; destination spots and opportunities for healthy lifestyles and social interaction.

  • Communication and Information: Readily available and easily navigable information about services and activities, and resources for utilizing them.

  • Civic Participation and Employment: Opportunities for civic engagement, employment and volunteerism.

  • Respect and Social Inclusion: Positive community attitudes about people of all ages (i.e., recognizing the valuable roles that people across their lifespan can play in society).

  • Health Services: An adequate range of health and community support services for promoting, maintaining and restoring health.

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