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Passions Project


About The Passions Project: Larimer County

The Passions Project: Larimer County is a black and white photography show created by Heidi Wagner Photography featuring unique and moving images of older adults in Larimer County living with passion and purpose.
The idea for The Passions Project first came to Heidi when she was returning to the States from a month long vacation touring Europe. She loved capturing images of the world through the lens of her camera, and the experience fueled her desire to incorporate photography into her everyday life. Heidi’s daily job for the past decade included working with the talented elders of Frasier Meadows Retirement Community. It was a natural progression when the two driving forces in her life—her two passions—came together.
The Passions Project: Larimer County is the Foundation on Aging’s premier event to raise support for the Foundation’s mission of identifying issues facing seniors in our community; supporting low income seniors in emergency situations through small grants; educating the community about the issues facing older adults; and, in collaboration with other agencies and organizations, facilitating solutions.


About Heidi Wagner
I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but it was not until I purchased my first pocket digital camera in 2008 that I rediscovered my love of photography. Photography teaches me how to look at the world, isolate its elements, and capture visual art. I am drawn into my surroundings and trust my intuition to guide me along that path. This happens best when a moment strikes and calls upon me to redefine and create.
I live a physical life and this translates into my photos. Capturing images while cycling through a forest, strategically contorting my body in a small space, or trekking up a mountainside dramatically affects the photos I produce; these are the moments that define my art.
For you, the viewer, I intentionally leave room within my photographs to encourage you to discover your own meaning.

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