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Larimer County Care Manager Network

An interagency steering committee has been meeting for almost two years developing a framework for creating better access to care/case management services for any senior who needs them for as long as they need them. Several weeks ago we posted a survey to which many of you responded with your suggestions and insights. We have reviewed the results and incorporated them into an agenda for a Care Manager’s forum held on February 26 at the Fort Collins Senior Center.



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The goal of this gathering was to create a sufficient network among care management providers to ensure both availability and continuity of care management services. Dr. Martin Carcasson and his students from the Center for Public Deliberation facilitated conversation around key issues derived from survey responses. The objective is to develop a working collaboration strong enough to effect significant changes in how seniors access services in Larimer County. Anyone who provides a professional level of direct care/case management to seniors in Larimer County is welcome to participate.

Out of this gathering, three working teams were formed to address critical aspects of providing care management services whenever. wherever and however they are needed. Those teams met in March to begin making plans for taking action.  Each team has adopted one of the following missions:

  1. Educating health care providers  
  2. Educating the community and 
  3. Designing an ongoing, active network of care management providers.  

If you are interested in participating in this project or learning more, lease send your inquiries to - linda Rumney   at [email protected]  or Carri Ratazzi at [email protected]

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