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Proposed model for Care Management

The model we have developed starts with referral sources connecting low income or isolated seniors in need of assessment of their service needs with the Office on Aging ARCH (Adult Resources for Care and Help) program

Referrals to ARCH can come from many sources, including United Way 211, health professionals, neighbors, friends, relatives, anyone in the community who believes that an individual may be struggling and in need of services.  Once the individual contacts the Arch program, a staff will set up a visit with the individual to assess their needs and suggest community resources that might be helpful.  If the ARCH staff also  determines that an ongoing relationship with a care manager who can offer guidance over time as circumstances and needs change, ARCH will help secure an affordable service.


Concerned professional or community member--->refers to ARCH ---> whose staff provides an assessment of need --->and recommends appropriate resources and/or provides access to an affordable care manager.

The next step in this model will be to implement a community education process for informing family, neighbors, faith communities, businesses, and other social networks about care management services and how to recognize when a particular senior might benefit from them.

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