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Today, there are about 40,000 seniors 60+ years in Larimer County (14% of the population), and of those more than 13,000 are 75 years or older.  Each year the percentage of older adults grows extensively.  By 2020 the ‘senior tsunami’ will represent more than 20% of the population of Larimer County -- a 38% increase in the total senior population. The 75+ group will have had a net increase of 48%.

To be sure, Americans are enjoying longer and healthier lives.  And the diverse assets of older adults offers the community new opportunities for creating a high quality of life for residents of all ages.  At the same time, the impact of aging of the population, especially among seniors with limited resources, calls for innovative solutions that bring about ‘livable’ communities for all. 

The mission of the Foundation on Aging is to ‘address the needs of older adults, raise community awareness of those needs, and foster solutions that improve qualify of life.’

  • We invite stakeholder, community leaders, business leaders, service providers and the residents of Larimer County to join with the FOA to accomplish this mission.
  • We engage in the process for bringing Larimer County into a state of readiness for the impact of aging – and helping develop new and creative solutions for the unmet needs of seniors.

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